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About Us

LeeMac Shanghai Smart Equipment Co. Ltd
LeeMac Shanghai Smart Equipment Corporation. Ltd, located in Baoshan District, is a manufacturer of modern and smart solvent-free laminator and an aggregate of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. Our company specializes in the field of printing and packaging, providing professional solutions of print and package for flexible packaging enterprises, and has been devoting to establish an image of a higher standard of specialized, branding and internationalized benchmarking industry.
LeeMac adheres to the principle of green innovation, integrity first, customized service and strictly follows international quality management system standards to ensure reliable product quality, stable performance, easy operation and innovative appearance, creating more value for customers through continuous technical innovation and improvement.
Our Smart SL-S8 solvent-free laminating machine is a new type of smart solvent-free laminator, researched and developed by LeeMac in 2017, mainly aimed at the field of flexible packaging and printing. It is a green solvent-free laminator with exquisite structure, novel appearance design, stable laminating operation, stable tension control with up to 450m / min running speed.
In the future, LeeMac will constantly challenge imperfection, providing better services and products for every customer. Based on the existing technological superiority, we will continue to cultivate manufacture and application field, to build more modernized and smarter solvent-free laminating machines. We will shoulder the responsibility of protecting environment under the policy of sustainable development of our country so as to contribute our own contribution to the development of green and intelligent industry power.

Company Services:
LeeMac mainly aims at B-side business services, providing one-stop, modern and smart solvent-free laminating machines manufacturing solutions. LeeMac men are willing to provide our clients the best results and the most perfect services with sincere attitude and meticulous style.

Company value:
Seiko Manufacturing, Green Innovation;
Sincere Heart, Customized Service;
Integrity First, Down to Earth.

Company vision:
To become an exemplary model and leader of boutique manufacturing company. To establish a perfect model standard and quality benchmarking in the industry through improving product reputation and insisting on strict quality control.

Our Mission:
The pursuit of quality reputation and excellent service is the ultimate mission of LeeMac. We will strictly adhere to the international quality management system standards, challenging on limits and striving for perfect service and customer experience.

Service Philosophy:
Customer centered, customized, all-round and full range services.