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LeeMac’s Smart SL-S8 comes with overwhelming momentum
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Overwhelming blow of soft package industry

In recent years, with the continuous development of packaging industry, packaging materials of flexible packaging is gradually being attached importance by brands because of its extensive use, low cost and innovative potential. With the continuous diversification of people's market demand, there is an abundance of product packaging varieties.

According to SmithersPira's latest market research report, the global flexible packaging market will continuously grow at 3.5% annual growth. The market value will reach 231 billion dollars by 2018.

However, as we all know, the energy consumption and rubbish caused by product packaging seriously impair our environmental health. The lightweight packaging format of flexible packaging is an important attribute in the print carbon footprint analysis and the environmental impact of packaging, and is increasingly highlighted. Therefore, the green, environmental, sustainable development is an important trend in the future for flexible packaging.

In addition to environmental protection, cost and security are also factors we must take into account. So, what can do it?

Yes! Solvent-free laminating machine can achieve.

---Keep away from the hazardous solvent!

---Embrace environmental protection, green health and safety!

---Slash the cost of flexible packaging composite!

Solvent-free laminating machine Smart SL-S8

LeeMac (Shanghai) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. launched a new smart solvent-free laminator Smart SL-S8 in 2017, which was mainly used in the field of flexible packaging and printing. It is a green, solvent-free laminator with reliable product quality, stable performance, easy operation and innovative appearance.

The equipment operating speed is up to 450m / min. The higher equipment operation speed is, the higher production efficiency and the more accurate electrical program control will be. So, we could achieve more excellent environmental protection and safety, improve efficiency, reduce costs and make substantial progress in sustainable development.

In addition, this device also has the following advantages:

Small energy consumption, high efficiency, small size, easy operation

Full consideration of operators’ safety and comfort, human-computer integration

Create a better environment with technology

With the rapid development of the modern economy and the worsening environmental problems, consumers’ demand for medical care, dietary, housing and transportation services increase. In particular, food and medical care not only focus on the green safety of food and medicine itself, but also on whether the packaging is compliant, whether the harmful substances are left behind, or whether the contents of the package are contaminated.

Therefore, environmental protection is the biggest feature in the future development of flexible packaging, which means that flexible packaging needs to augmented their own environmental performance. LeeMac’s new Smart SL-S8, with lower energy consumption, higher input-output ratio and better environmental protection, overcome the defects of market solvent-free laminator, namely low running speed, high energy consumption, dangerous storage and other hazards. It will lead the development of industry and lead people to the ideal life.

This solvent-free laminating machine, focused on green, technological, smart, professional services for Chinese enterprises, can bring more benefits for your business. In addition, the company's dedicated researching and developing team and core technologies provide a unique solution to reduce environmental impact.

Smart SL-S8

Makes a contribution to t environmental protection with science and technology

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