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Demands exceeds supply? This five-star solvent-free laminator is wonderful!
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Demands exceeds supply? This five-star solvent-free laminator is wonderful!

In recent years, with the rapid economic development,

many industries have seen market saturation

for example, the hottest real estate

and the correlative steel and cement industry

Another example is the rapid growth of domestic mobile phone

or domestic automobile industry.

All have reached their peaks.

At the same time, it also raises the alarm to countless companies

Only being able to find the way out in a crisis is what wise men do.

Only innovation can turn the tide in the reality of resistance.

This principle is feasible in the flexible packaging industry

Although China is a big country,

and packaging counterparts are numerous

high-end flexible packaging equipment is still mainly dependent on imports.

The majority of domestic manufacturers are dominated by low-end products

But the good news is

some companies with market foresight have targeted the international flexible packaging market.

Silently engage in something significant in the Chinese flexible packaging market


Leader of Chinese flexible packaging companies

Unique, sui generis

Merit 1: brand strength is inside information

Based on the existing technological superiority, we will continue to cultivate manufacture and application field, to build a more modernized and smarter solvent-free laminating machines. We not only have professional research team, but also are an aggregate of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, with strong competition strength.

Merit 2: Hot products are out of stock

Our Smart SL-S8 solvent-free laminating machine is a new type of smart solvent-free laminator, researched and developed by LeeMac in 2017, mainly aimed at the field of flexible packaging and printing. It is a green solvent-free laminator with exquisite structure, novel appearance design, stable laminating operation, stable tension control with up to 450m / min running speed. The perfect construction and working performance make this product out of stock once it's on the market.

Merit 3: Turn the tide at the turning point of the whole industry

Flexible packaging industry is developing towards the green and environmental and LeeMac has been focus on solvent-free laminating machine in the field of flexible packaging. Driven by the strong sense of corporate mission, LeeMac always insists on its original intention. We not only pursue breakthroughs in product performance, but also follow the international quality management system standards and the harsh manufacturing process, and keep moving toward the international, intelligent and green novel enterprises, which is remarkable.

360 degrees without dead angle

Leader of Chinese flexible packaging industry

Impeccable quality, Sincere service

Only for a better tomorrow