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LeeMac (Shanghai) solvent-free laminating machine PK, the highlighted core advantages are welcomed in the modern corporation.
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LeeMac (Shanghai) solvent-free laminating machine PK, the highlighted core advantages are welcomed in the modern corporation.

In the recent two years, solvent-free laminating technology has presented a rapid development trend in flexible packaging industry in China. LeeMac has devoted numerous research studies into laminating technology, whose advantages have been gradually confirmed and recognized by enterprises.

As we all know, solvent-free laminating technology has many advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, low cost and the like, among which the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency are clear at a glance during the operation of the equipment. So, compared to the counterparts, what are the highlighted advantages of LeeMac laminator? This is presumably the focus of most business now

Measurement interval is more accurate

Each solvent-free laminating equipment manufacturer's products varies in detail, together with the common characteristics that complete solvent-free laminating production line includes two parts of solvent-free laminator and mixing (glue) device, without which it cannot produce automatically and continuously. The LeeMac’s solvent-free laminator adopts unsegmented bridge wall, demanding more of CNC machining centers. To this end, LeeMac(Shanghai) devotes a high cost to ensure the accuracy of the wall and the installation of other components.

In addition, LeeMac solvent-free laminator demands more of tension control of winding device to better ensure the quality of the winding. Instead of manually inserting the initial roll diameter, the device could automatically calculate the weight, release tension according to the roll diameter and prevent the tunnel effect in the production of the composite film. Eight synchronous servo motors strengthen the control of low tension, making the control accuracy more stable.

Compact structure, Convenient and Efficient

In China, solvent-free laminating is receiving more and more attention. Solvent-free equipment companies, glue companies and packaging companies all work together in order to achieve the common goal. LeeMac solvent-free laminator has several outstanding features, including compact structure, less occupied space, low equipment installation and maintenance costs, less energy consumption and better performance in environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Compared to peers’ screw fixation, LeeMac utilizes gas valve, magnetic closure and gas strut electric door, which not only facilitate the maintenance of equipment, but also ensure safety and efficiency. In particular, host split type electrical cabinet is substituted by the integrated cabinet, which not only reduce the floor space but also make the appearance of the machine cleaner and tidier.

Foresee the future and continuously improve added value

In addition to function, enterprises pay more attention to the service life in order to reduce production costs. LeeMac solvent-free laminating machine adopts Italy MVV30CC high precision gear pump, greatly extending the life of the equipment. Efficiency is the pursuit of each business, but also sought after by this era. the LeeMac solvent-free laminator uses servo drive containing EtherCat function, the top information technology in industrial control. Moreover, the TRIO motion controller it uses is supplied by the top manufacturers of robotics control in the world, resulting in a dramatic increase in transfer rates.

With the enhancement of companies’ environmental awareness, LeeMac(Shanghai) has achieved long-term development in solvent-free laminating machines and achieved a great breakthrough in the installed capacity. The solvent-free laminator will begin to occupy the main position in the field of laminating.