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An Analysis of 450 Solvent-free Laminator’s Characteristics
LeeMac (Shanghai) Smart Equipment Co. Ltd.
An Analysis of 450 Solvent-free Laminator’s Characteristics

One: Mechanical chapter

Ⅰ: Secondary internal stress elimination is finished for the whole wall plate. High stability eight-axis positioning technic in which six-surfaces are processed by import processing center is used between the bridge and the main wall. The sheet metal shell is made of CNC laser cutting and CNC bending machine to ensure the accuracy of assembly quality, to stabilize laminating tension and to avoid loose or tight membrane caused by mechanical problems.

II: Surface treatment is carried on 99% of the overall surface of the equipment to prevent surface rust.

Ⅲ: Baking process is adopted for all equipment wall panels, sheet metal shell, which is not only beautiful but also oxidation preventing.

Ⅳ: The aluminum roller and steel roller are manufactured with high standard technology. The steel roller is designed with double helix, and the temperature is more stable.

Ⅴ: The whole machine adopts Japanese NSK Bearings and Germany CTY oil seal to avoid the rapid aging caused by high speed.

Ⅵ: Screws is made of stainless steel and galvanized, ensuring high corrosion resistance.

Ⅶ: Glass door is made of tempered glass, with good mechanical properties and heat shock resistance.

Ⅷ: Electrical cabinet uses air spring rod and universal guide wheel, valve door managed by magnet selection method, to ensure safety and convenience.

Ⅸ: Retractable structure without shaft is controlled by the DC bus controller imported from Europe, effectively ensuring the stability and high precision tension control.

Ⅹ: Foot switch design is safer and more convenient for cleaning metering roller.

Ⅺ: 1 sets of dancing roller, 2 sets of eccentric roller and full servo motor drive ensure that speed and tension of the control point are constant.

Ⅻ: SmartMixer use high precision metering pump special for solvent-free laminator to ensure AB mixing accuracy.

XIII: Compact and reasonable structure reduces floor space and increases operability.

Two: Electrical chapter

Ⅰ: The whole machine is automatically run with main motor, SmartMixer and rectifying accuweb program written by the British TRIO engineer.

Ⅱ: The whole brain adopts the British TRIO motion controller, servo controller (servo controller with ether CAT bus which is the world's most advanced servo controller communication method, with high transmission rate, short delay and other effects for Multi-data high-speed computer type, needs to be equipped with motion controller to work together), synchronous servo motor from TRIO partner STEP (European Department) and FINEPOWER (European Department). The main motor includes motor metering, coating, compounding, two unwinding, one winding and SmartMixer AB motor motors, a total of eight motors controlled by synchronous servo motor (Solvent-free laminator conventionally use variable frequency motor with accuracy resolution of 2500 pulses per revolution, asynchronous servo motor with accuracy resolution of 12000 pulses per revolution, LeeMac’s synchronous servo motor retrofitting Germany HEIDENHAIN encoder with accuracy resolution of 131072 pulses per revolution. Only the synchronous servo motor is high-precision one commonly used in industries such as CNC machining centers, industrial robots and other high-precision areas.). High-speed equipment, digital control of the machine is accurate and reliable.

Ⅲ: The range sensor adopts Swiss Corey. A total of 17 sensors work together to ensure long-term stability.

Ⅳ: Pneumatic valve adopts AirTAC and EMC uses centralized gas supply, avoiding the solenoid valve installation confusion.

Ⅴ: Tension swing roller employs Japanese SMC high-precision electrical proportional valve (3, single-controlled). Signal is transmitted from the potentiometer to the motion controller. Then the motion controller transmits the signal to the electrical proportional valve and synchronous servo motor to rectify the film tension changes, to ensure the consistency of glue quantity.

Ⅵ: The original of the electrical cabinet employs French Schneider Electric, with low failure rate and long service life.

Ⅶ: The main screen of 10-inch capacitive screen shows the motor performance, parameters and so on. Touch screen operation is simple, convenient and widely used.

Ⅷ: The device uses a smart LAN. Operators can view equipment production records, fault records and other information and remote maintenant IO with mobile phones, pads, computers logging in through IE domain name.

Ⅸ: Friendly man-machine interface parameter setting, as well as the process menu storage and call and a new efficient rectifying system is  launched.

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no segmented bridge wall

segmented bridge wall

the CNC machining centers require high and expensive costs for no segmented bridge wall due to the processing length of 4 meters. However, it ensures the accuracy of the wall, with which other parts installation accuracy can be guaranteed.

Regulating gas valve with magnetic closure

screw fixation

The equipment maintenance is convenient, safe and fast.

Gas strut electric door

screw fixation

The equipment maintenance is convenient, safe and fast.

Integrative electric control cabinet

Separate electric control cabinet

It reduces the floor area of the plant and make machine appearance clean and tidy.

production technology parameters are archived

No archiving function

The difficulty of operation is reduced, making equipment production easier.

8 Synchronous servo motors

2 Synchronous servo motors +6 variable frequency motorordinary motor with the encoder

Synchronous servo motor with expensive costs has more stable control precision, especially for low tension control.

servo drive

servo drive +variable frequency driver

LeeMac’s servo drive with EtherCat function ha a high rate of information throughput. EtherCat is the world's top technology in industrial control.

motion controller


Motion controller is fit for high-speed equipment. The controller itself collect and calculate information quickly with low signal delay. TRIO motion controller is the world's top robot manufacturer.

Automatic calculation of winding diameter

manual input

It does not need to manually input the initial roll diameter, which is automatically calculated by the controller and releases the tension according to the roll diameter.